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This depends, if the workshop is in Ireland, I provide everything you will need to participate, EXCEPT a journal. It's best that you choose your own journal. On registration I will give guidelines on how to choose journals that might work for you.  

You are of course welcome to bring your own supplies if you wish.

I also provide you with a list and links to supplies used in a follow up email so you can build your own stash. 

If the workshop is outside of Ireland, you will be provided with a supply list.

The RAW process favours very basic, minimal supplies and so you probably already have everything you need. 

Each of my experiences are structured to take you on an experiential journey from the opening to the closing of the circle. The RAW experience facilitates an intimate journey and participants can establish connections very quickly.

In order to uphold the integrity of the experience, it can be best to honour the planned schedule with due consideration that your absence, lateness or premature departure can affect the dynamic of the group if un-named in advance.

Of course the unforeseeable may arise and in such cases, assertive communication is encouraged in letting me know what you need so that I may best support you and also inform the circle as to circumstance.  

It is the use of ‘mixed media’, ie: writing, paint, collage, imagery, etc to create pages that symbolise and express inner experience. It can be akin to a personal diary but without being limited to words. One of the benefits of documenting your life this way is that it affords you a sense of privacy and ownership (communicating symbolically, acts as a boundary) and hence, you will be less inhibited on the page. This will allow you to lean into truth, without fear because your pages cannot be interpreted literally.

Yes! RAW is definitely not about drawing straight lines. In fact there's no drawing at all. (You are expected to be very good at scribbling though). Forget everything you have been taught about ‘drawing’ ability being the measure of creativity. You and your wonky lines are not only welcome, we adore you.

This is for adults who want to remember and reconnect with that childlike energy, sense of curiousity and play. Children already know how to play.

I find there is an abundance of really exciting creative offerings for our little ones and very little for those of us who have ‘grown up’; as if we’ve passed some kind of explorative learning expiry date or something.

I created this workshop for adults so that you could stumble across an exciting offering that ignites your sense of possibility and not have your fire put out by the class / camp being exclusive to 8-11 year olds.

Of course, if you have little ones, you will absolutely go home fired up to journal with them and many of my students as a result of leaning into their own creativity, have now regular art dates with their little ones at home and who best for them to learn with?

Monkey see, monkey do. Want to fan the flames of those creative little fires? Show them what it looks like to ignite. This is for you, mamó / daddó.

No. While the vast majority of attendees have been those who identify as women, all are welcome to our gatherings. Please do reach out however if you have questions or concerns about inclusivity.

If I had a ‘gateway’ workshop, RAW would be it. RAW teaches you how to get on the page. You learn enough techniques and explore enough concepts to get you started and making the kind of art that makes itself. You still get a taste of the deep dive, but just enough to either satisfy or intensify your initial curiousty.

CROÍ is a more immersive experience. We are less ‘general’ about the creative process and more specific in our intentionality around it and how it serves us.

You will still learn techniques and explore the concepts to get you started and making the kind of art that makes itself but there is more focus on the creative process as a vehicle of inquiry, specifically into the concept of spiritual hunger and the creative soul.

Also, CROÍ only takes place in the West of Ireland, nowhere else. The energetic contribution of the celtic underworld, Irish history, ancestry, music, hospitality and culture, is pivotal to your experience

The content is more or less the same, but the delivery is very different. Because of this, the way the process unfolds is also very different.

For Raw Online we have 4 weeks together in a private online group, exploring and sharing our discoveries. You have daily access to me there and over 6 hours of live coaching calls with me. Plus, there is lifetime access and a lot of bonus tutorials. The online experience of RAW can be quite profound if you really dive in and participate in it all.

Of course, live workshops create an energetic space that online gatherings simply cannot. Sharing and holding physical space is very different to doing so virtually and as human beings, it is important to experience and participate in circles which facilitate witnessing. It is an inherent,  instinctual need to belong, to receive and mirror empathy and this is always the most beautiful and profound effect of real life gatherings.

Many of my online students come to my live workshops afterwards and vice versa. The two offerings really compliment each other.

Please note however, RAW online is currently only offered once annually.


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