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“I can't think of anything more rewarding than being able to express yourself to others through painting. Exercising the imagination, experimenting, being creative; these things, to me, are truly the windows to your soul.” 

Bob Ross

What is Raw?

RAW is a fun, simple and satisfying way in to establishing a rewarding creative journaling practice. I like to think of journaling as a vehicle for all you know and an oracle for all you have yet to know.

It is not about painting by numbers or chasing pretty pages. It is about truthful self expression; a radical act of self recovering and attendance.


What to expect

During this workshop, you will acquire a rich treasure trove of journaling techniques. You will learn how to build gorgeous, messy, emotive layers through spontaneous writing, mark making, painting, collage and found imagery. 

You will learn to use storytelling, symbolism, intuition and imagination to tap into your lived experience, giving you a direct path to your own wisdom and insight.


If RAW LIVE sounds like it might be for you, check out the details page for more information on what to expect, including a typical workshop day schedule and our workshop policies.





"Amanda Grace's workshop is magical and moving. It's an art journaling odyssey with a mix of story, self-exploration, and super skill sharing. She's the read deal."

Alison Moncrieff

"Wonderful, spiritual, emotional and creative work. It was amazing to learn from Amanda in person and to make connections with such an amazing group. I was truly inspired and have been busy applying the techniques I learned. I loved it so much that as soon as I got home Sunday evening, I signed up for the online RAW workshop."

Sigrid McCarthy
San Francisco

"To simply say Amanda is a great instructor misses the magic of the experience. She is an amazing creative guide, a channeler of muses, and inspiration to spend creative time with. We laughed, cried, splashed paint, dug deep for intention, quieted our inner critics, embraced our muses, shared, reflected, and filled our creative toolboxes with tons of techniques to help better express ourselves through our art journals. I'm so excited to take this experience even further at Croí Retreat!"

Kat Gottfried

"I needed a tool to work on my emotions, to find a way of dealing with life experiences by putting them on paper for everyone to see or not see, hidden in the art. A much enjoyed workshop, that was presented in a loving, respectful way and sent us home nourished and complete. "

‎Catriona Fahey‎
Leitrim, Ireland

"Amanda created such a fun, relaxed and creative environment, with lots of space to explore and experiment. As someone who has been neglecting her own creativity for a while, Amanda gently guided me through new skills and techniques, tools to assist me to re-engage with my own practice."

Michelle Whooley

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