Croí - Creative Retreat

Croí is currently being reimagined as a week long creative retreat in Amanda's beloved Ireland. Croí is a heart word and translates as ‘most important part’. This retreat is about the nourishment and renewal of exactly that.

What is Croí?

Croí is a pilgrimage of attendance to the hungers of your creative soul. Imagine your journey unfolding against the backdrop of The Irish landscape, a place once gravely affected by what was named in our history as "An Ghorta Mór", 'The Great Hunger'.

Experience the potency of Irish music, history, storytelling, sound, sacred sites and kindred company to act as conduits for you, as you explore the terrain of inner experience through visual journaling.

Croí is a quest to name and honour, your own sacred longings.

What to expect

Over the week we will immerse ourselves in our environment, using story, metaphor and visual journalling to facilitate a process of unique and gentle inquiry that integrates body, mind, heart and soul.

You will experience the creative process as a potent vehicle of deep inward connection, self expression and care.

No experience required. All you need, is an open heart and mind.

"Imagine creating for yourself a life of contentment. A life free from shame and should. A life lived true to who you are, wholly and in alignment with your values. Imagine knowing and loving yourself so deeply and without question, that there is no other path for you, than to devote your heart & soul to that which brings you  to life."

Inspired by the life & death of my father, Brendan Grace.


Croí might be for you if you are craving a profoundly nourishing creative soul experience, in good company against the mystical backdrop of West Ireland. You can register your interest, by clicking below.



"A wonderful transformative time. Self expression through art and a deeper sense of self inquiry was something that I felt I had lost since I was a child. The sense of play which Amanda showed us made even a novice like me feel at ease with storytelling through image, letting go and expressing myself and having A LOT of fun! I learned so much."

Mandy Manners. Co Host | Love Sober Podcast | France / UK
Croí, April 2019 Participant

"Amanda unfolds every element and piece of the jigsaw in such a beautiful, clever and inspirational way. Since I left Mulranny I feel I am in touch with my creative self at a completely different level in my business, my family and my photography. I left with a grateful heart, immense joy and inner peace. "

Ana Dorado | Photographer | Naas, Ireland
Croí, April 2019 Participant

"Croi was magical, intensely deep and meaningful. I felt a deep shift in my soul and a sense of being cradled. It was such an incredibly special time in an amazing retreat space! Thank you Amanda for receiving us with your wisdom, your honesty and your compassion"

Sigrid McCarthy | CA | USA
Croí, April 2019 Participant

"Amanda created the most beautiful experience. We were nourished, we released and we received. Amanda is an intuitive, skilled teacher and facilitator. It was a profound and magical experience."

Celine Rossiter | Wexford, Ireland.
Croí, April 2019 Participant

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