Experience the power of visual journaling to inspire, renew and transform experience through this 4 week online course. 

How RAW ONLINE works

In this 4 week journalling course, you will learn how to...

Check in with yourself and surrender to vulnerability.

To your inner and outer landscapes. To create the conditions in which creativity thrives.

To yourself through free writing & noticing. Discover what’s truly on your mind and in your heart & soul. 

Loosen up. Explore. Make a mess. Have fun. Flow is no state for the art police.

Of course. Scribbles are about to become your best friend.

Build Layered Backgrounds
Open possibilities by removing control. Create interesting layers. LOTS of them.

Use Found Imagery in personal Storytelling 
Letting the image choose you. Integration and Unity. Getting your images into the page.

Tap into your subconscious awareness
When the art makes you. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone. But it will to you.

Share your self and work, with confidence. 
Honouring and owning. Being seen and heard.


RAW Online costs $120 Early Bird – only $30 per week! We are currently registering interest for our next course which will take place in 2020.

"This process works so well because it works as a lens with which to dedicate a self-discovery/expression session, and it's fascinating to see the results....like a mystery unfolding, unraveling what your soul wants you to know. Thanks so much for leading us down this path."

Lisa Walding
Raw Online Participant

"I am learning so much about being in flow, trusting the process, letting go of judgement as well as more technical aspects like color combination, texture, layering, and experimenting with my art tools. I can't wait to get to my backgrounds each day."

Margaret Copley
Raw Online Participant

"It is powerful and important work. Amanda is truly inspiring. I plan to make raw journaling a daily practice now even if I only make a few marks. Showing up and working on healing by setting an intention into the work. The textures and layers that emerge are beautiful. If you want to work on your well being I can’t recommend this powerful and deep journal work enough. Don’t think you have to be able to draw. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Thank you Amanda so much."

Linda Leslie
Raw Online Participant

"I’m loving EVERYTHING about this class so much. You’ve given me permission to embrace my authentic, unpolished, slap it down and go personality and leave my miserable inner critic at the door! This has been a work in process for over 20 years and somehow with your words, your work it has just 'clicked'. I haven’t enjoyed creating this much ever. I’m having a blast!"

Sandy Combs
Raw Online Participant


Each week, for 4 weeks, Amanda will lead you through her process for expanding self connection creating mixed media pieces which express authenticity and your own unique journey.

Weekly lessons delivered via video with support text and images.

Live coaching call each week (optional attendance – these will be recorded for later access).

Online so you can access at your convenience from all around the globe.

Community Facebook group to share, be further inspired and supported.

Bonus (see below)

Lifetime access

At the end of this course you will have a whole new understanding of and language for radical WHOLE Self Expression. 


RAW Materials: Amanda’s Favourite Supplies + Demo.

Studio in a Box: You don’t need a lot of space to have a rewarding creative practice.

Creating Intentional Space: A (not so) mini masterclass.

Scribble Studies: The (very complicated) Art of Chaos.


Participants experience the weekly live coaching calls with Amanda throughout this course, as the cherry on the cake.

The opportunity to interact this way, to ask questions, to share, explore and be coached on whatever comes up for you through the process, is what takes this experience above and beyond.

There have been many revelations leading to significant - and for some, 'lifechanging' - break throughs on these calls.

The value of this for most students has been priceless. 

“When a well awakens in the mind, new possibilities begin to flow and you find within yourself a depth and excitement that you never knew you had”


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