30 Days Inspiration for your creative practice


Frequently Asked Questions

This is a 30 day prompt via email sequence I designed in response to a need for continuing inspiration, expressed by my RAW online students. You don’t have to have taken any of my workshops for this to serve as a vehicle to inspire and prompt you. 


Everyday, for 30 days, I offer you a variety of prompts, reflections and techniques to take to (and beyond) the page. Each week, I recap the weeks prompts with a Sunday check in email, in which I share and link to resources that inspire me and deepen my understanding of and relationship to my creativity.


This is self paced and contains a LOT of inspiration. To get the most out of this offering, my recommendation is to create a RAW email folder / label and filter these emails to live there so that you may easily access them anytime.


Also, if you have a ‘snooze’ feature (like that in gmail), you could slow the pace of the course for yourself by snoozing the emails as they come in to extend the 30 days to 30 weeks if you like

No. You determine your own pace. 

This email series is not tutorial based, it is more about attitude and approach to the creative process.

There are plenty of prompts however. 

Included is a video on my favourite supplies, how I store them and also a tutorial on creating a handmade journal and an affirmation page inside to begin with.

"It's not about the talent,
it's about the energy you bring to the page"


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