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How RAW ENERGY works

In these daily emails, we invite you to nurture and share your creative self both on and off the page and that by the end of these 30 days, you will have a greater understanding of the creative process and how it’s about so much more than making art.

On registration, receive a welcome email with what to expect + video demos regarding supplies + a handmade journal tutorial.

Your cycle will begin on the next Sunday* and you'll receive a daily email, each day for 30 days.

Each daily email will include a thought provoking reflection + prompt from Amanda along with supporting artwork or image.

You’ll receive a reflective, check-in email from me at the end of each week, with all that week's prompts in one place.

These weekly check-in emails will include further inspiration in the form of bonus content from me, creative inquiry questions for journaling & links to rare interviews with the legendary artists and icons, I have found most inspiring to my creativity.

Online Creative Community in which to gather and share your creative selves and experiences and ongoing access to me there also.

* You must register by Saturday 9pm (GMT) for your cycle to begin the next day, otherwise it will begin the following Sunday.


30 days of RAW ENERGY is only $35

"I'm learning how I could be open and authentic and letting the creativity flow freely on the pages before me. It's cathartic. I’m hooked!"

Gayle Daly
Raw Energy Participant

"It's like a creative treasure hunt! "

Fiona White.
Raw Energy Participant

"I haven’t stopped creating since. It has changed the way I approach my life and given me a place to go when my head is too full to contain all the clutter."

Kelly Marie Roberts
Raw Energy Participant

"What a great way to stretch. I can see a multitude of ways to incorporate these ideas. Thanks for your offering and for taking us to a new place in our journals."

Kate Robertson
Raw Energy Participant

"My intuitive, frantically written RAW energy purges have slowly unclogged the drain of my own creative resistance muck. It feels good"

Catherine Porter
Artist | Craft Mountain Gallery | Montana | USA

"Creativity is not about talent, it's about the energy you give to it."

Amanda Grace


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