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Journal through the Celtic year with soul friends

What is The Pilgrims Way?

The Pilgrim’s Way is a membership & community to journal through the Celtic year with soul friends. The membership opens its doors only four times a year to new members, on the key dates of the Celtic Calendar which are:

  • Samhain - October 31st
  • Imbolc - February 1st
  • Bealtaine - May 1st
  • Lughnasadh - August 1st

A special feature of this membership will be the observance of the four Celtic festivals - Féile - which mark the important transitions of the seasons and which we will celebrate with ceremony, ritual and personal retreats, rooted in the Celtic Wisdom tradition.

Each Féile will be observed with a facilitated Zoom call where we will journal together as a community and will last approx 1.5 hours. This call will serve as a welcome for new members, an initiation into the seasons energies and an invitation to celebrate the Féile in a very personal way with expert guidance from Amanda.  

Your journey through the Celtic year

Every season is filled with video calls, live journaling sessions, creative invitations, sacred listening exercises as well as off the page explorations.

How each month works:

  • Every month will open with an hour long live Zoom call, introducing the month’s Unique Theme. Here, Amanda invites you over the threshold with a sacred seeing exercise that will act as a doorway into your own inquiry.
  • You will also receive a video contemplation from Amanda based on the theme. You will work with imagery and poetry rooted in deep truths and wisdom.
  • You will receive access to a sacred listening exercise; an audio recording of a poem read contemplatively by Amanda. This is intended as an invitation to journal and to anchor you in a consistent and deepening contemplative practice. It is the same poem that will be read during that month’s live weekly journal sessions.

You will receive creative invitations for the month designed to help deepen your inquiry

Art Exploration: Your journaling prompt connected to that month’s theme.

Writing Exploration: A written piece connected to the month’s theme.

‘Off the Page’ Exploration: This task will ask something of you that takes you away from the page, and will be focused on ritual and self care.

Resources: You will also receive access to a library of theme based podcasts, Ted talks, movies, books etc and a seasonal Spotify playlist.

The Pilgrims Way - Weekly Interaction

  • On Mondays, Amanda will correspond by email sharing her own personal musings and experiences arising from the month’s theme as she is always walking the path with you. 
  • Amanda will hold live sacred listening journaling sessions on Wednesdays, which will alternate between 3pm and 7pm Irish time.
  • Amanda will be available in the Community Forum every Friday. This is the day that she will be witnessing and responding to content posted by members and answering any of your queries or concerns.

Get on the interest list for Bealtaine 2021. 

We only open registration on the Celtic festivals. Register your interest for our next opening in May 2021

Does membership include coaching?

  • No. While there will be plenty of guidance from and interaction with Amanda, this is not a coaching programme.
  • There is however an option at the beginning of each season to add on a small, process, group coaching experience for the duration of that season.
  • This group will serve a max of 8 people and consist of 6 fortnightly sessions lasting up to 2 hours depending on group members needs.
  • If you wish to apply for this feature, please tick the interest box on checkout and Amanda will be in touch with further information after registration. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The world we move in today expects, even requires of us a constant and ongoing frantic pace of living. The Pilgrim’s Way membership invites you to resist the rat race and go at your own pace. This pace is dependent on your own creative flow. Members can spend as much time as is required for them personally. The weekly live journalling call will last up to 1.5hrs hours per week. Each month will be opened with a 1 hour Zoom call where Amanda will introduce the month’s unique theme. It is up to you how long you spend on the assignments, however we would urge you to commit to a certain amount of time each week that feels right for you, whether that be 10 minutes or 10 hours, making this commitment to yourself is something you will benefit from. If you struggle to structure time, our best advice is to fully commit to attending the live calls, this will keep you in the water and going with the flow. 

No, there is no requirement for you to be on Facebook. Throughout the week, members can share their thoughts, ideas and images of their work on our private Pilgrim’s Way Community Forum on Amanda’s own website on the Kajabi platform.

A key benefit of The Pilgrim’s Way membership is the sense of community that is built throughout the year. Amanda became aware of a desire for her students to have a place where they could continue their journaling journey on an ongoing basis, in a supportive creative environment. Nowhere else can you receive the ongoing support, feedback and community interaction that this membership offers, which also observes and celebrates the four Celtic festivals - Féile - throughout the year.

The Pilgrim’s Way Membership combines art journaling with personal story, growth and processing alongside Celtic spirituality, making it a unique experience for Pilgrim’s. 

 No other membership brings the expert guidance that Amanda has to offer. Amanda’s background is in entertainment and hospitality, her training is in psychotherapy and spiritual guidance with a focus on creative modalities. As a facilitator, Amanda brings a love for people, integrity, truth and her own personal experiences and learning to inform her teachings. She is all in, and this is something that makes this membership particularly special.

Many members have said that what makes this particularly unique is that Amanda is doing this work for herself, on herself in real time.

This isn't an 'expert / client' relationship, Amanda is fully on the journey with you.

As one pilgrim said "Amanda is honest, sincere, earnest, genuinely caring; she goes the extra mile; she isn’t afraid to share the details of her life and her recovery with us and that allows for bonds of intimacy and trust to form."

"I have tried other coaches and programmes, but none have the deep knowledge and practice that Amanda does and I have never experienced anything like this anywhere else."

As the membership opens its doors each Celtic Féile, x4 times a year, membership numbers are not stagnant. Currently we stand at about 70 members but please know this is not a numbers game. 

Ours is an expansive space, the approach is contemplative and so there is not the 'busy-ness' you would normally associate with activity feeds and membership forums.

The pace and tone is very relaxed and participation is entirely optional. 

No, this membership will never ask anything of you that you don’t feel ready to give. If you’d prefer to observe others work until a time you feel ready to share your own, that is absolutely fine. However, we would also encourage you to embrace your vulnerability around sharing your work when you feel ready. This is a brave space and each Pilgrim deserves to be seen and to feel worthy of their own space. You may take up as much or as little space as you need. 


The key dates where we will officially begin the work of each Celtic season are as follows; 

Samhain - November 4th 2020

Imbolc - February 3rd 2021 

Bealtaine - May 5th 2021

Lughnasadh - August 4th 2021

Each Féile will be observed with a facilitated Zoom call where we will journal together as a community and this will last approx 1.5 hours. Registration will close the day preceding these dates. Our next opening ceremony is Féile Imbolc n on Wednesday 3rd Feb 2021 at 3pm Irish Standard Time. 

Each subsequent month in the season will be opened with a call to introduce that month’s unique theme. 

These and all weekly live journaling sessions will take place on Wednesdays and will alternate between 3pm and 7pm Irish Standard time. 

The monthly calls will be recorded, and you can rewatch at your own convenience. The weekly sacred listening journaling sessions are very intentionally not recorded so as to eliminate any sense of 'falling behind' or 'having to catch up', which just adds unnecessary overwhelm to your days.

However Amanda does make a Sacred Listening audio recording available every month so that those who can’t make the live calls, may still experience guided sacred listening journaling sessions, on their own time. 

You can subscribe monthly; the investment is $35 per month. (A yearly investment of $420.) 

You will make a saving of $42 annually if you commit to 1 year upfront, in this case your investment is $378. 

 Payments can be made by entering your card details directly into our system, or by using PayPal. 

 Members paying monthly may cancel anytime. In this instance, access to all features will be revoked by the end of your current billing cycle 

 Please note, there are NO REFUNDS whatsoever for members committing to one year up front, please don’t ask as refusal may cause offence.

On checkout, you will be invited to tick a box should you wish to express interest in participating in small process group coaching with Amanda for the duration of one Celtic season. 

Ticking this box means Amanda will contact you with further details about what that entails, not ticking the box means you will hear no more about it.

Please know this is an optional add on offering for members who want to work more deeply with the material, to process and receive personalised coaching to enhance their learning and development. 

There is no obligation for you to avail of that coaching, even if you do express interest on registration.  

Yes, if you choose the monthly membership payment option, you can pay as you go monthly. There is no further payment plan offered.

Art journaling can be an incredibly powerful tool that often uncovers our unconscious feelings, emotions and memories. It is a uniquely personal experience, and can require of us some deep exploration. Please note that what we are offering here is not therapy, nor is it intended to replace therapy. If something particularly triggering is uncovered for you during the course of the work, perhaps it might be valuable to seek the support of an individual coach or therapist whom you feel can give you the individual support and attention you need. You may also reach out to Amanda to inquire about the possibility of working more deeply with her 1-1. 

Remember, this is not a rat race and there are no prizes for the fastest, most vocal or prolific. Honour your own pace, honour who you are, where you are, and what you can give to this work and your own journaling journey. You are doing your best, and remember that ‘comparison is an act of violence against the self’. 

We encourage you to take up as much or as little space as you need here.

While the vast majority of our students identify as lifelong learners, anyone is welcome to the Pilgrim’s Way membership. This is intended to be an inclusive, non judgmental space. 

However we do have some expectations, namely that you take responsibility for your own well being, limits, boundaries and self care; that you treat yourself and others in the membership with kindness and respect; that you honour as sacred, the confidentiality of what is shared on our calls and in our classrooms.

You will be asked to agree to our terms and conditions on checkout, which again outlines your responsibilities and the limits of ours, this will constitute informed consent on your part.

And once registration is complete, you are again required to read our community guidelines and complete an informed consent ‘assessment’.

Yes. If paying monthly you may cancel your payment at any time. In this instance, access to all features will be revoked by the end of your current billing cycle.

If you have paid annually, you may leave at any time however no refunds will be offered and you will retain lifetime access to the content, once the full year has turned.

The membership is set at a reasonable price point so as to be accessible to as many people as possible. Our current members have said it is worth every penny and more [Some have said they would pay 4 times more] to them in terms of the value it brings to their lives. 

It is not always comfortable and easy to make an investment in ourselves. Perhaps we are struggling financially, or we simply don’t feel worthy of investment. We urge you to pay attention to your money story and what you prioritise financially. How does it feel when you consider investing in yourself? What if it could feel really good? Can you imagine that?

Self investment can feel really good. It can also feel really scary. If it feels ‘bad’ or perhaps you have a story that you’re 'just throwing money at your problems' and if so, we ask you to consider what it would feel like to reframe this as a story about investing in solutions?

Really, it is an Investment in your healing. 

We would also encourage you to view this investment not merely in terms of what it ‘costs’ but in terms of the value it may add to your life.

Many of our students have found this work to have opened them up to possibilities they would never have imagined otherwise. 

We believe self investment is always money well spent. You may have been conditioned to believe it is ‘selfish’ but nothing could be further from the truth. 

You are responsible for the person you present to the world.

Owning and honouring that responsibility by investing in yourself means you’re contributing to the world in an empowered way. 

Disowning that responsibility means you risk staying stuck in a world that needs you to flow.

And so it could be argued that it’s actually your civil duty to invest in yourself. We need you. Especially now.

Your greatness is your birthright and we want you to claim it. 

Plus, we have never heard a single account of a eulogy praising a dead person for never having invested in themselves; it’s usually the other way around, right?

There is no judgement here, we each have unique and specific ways of expressing ourselves. Please feel free to respond to the material in a way that feels most comfortable to you, there are no ‘rules’ here. However, we do encourage you to approach this content from a place of curiosity. 

Sometimes it can be interesting to experiment with ways in which we are not used to expressing ourselves to see how it feels. Perhaps there will be an opportunity for you to challenge beliefs you may be holding about what you can and can’t do. 

Every month’s invitations include a variety of modalities, this is not linear left brained content. You work with what resonates and leave the rest. In fact if anything, this may actually help grow your confidence with writing as you will not be working with words in a merely literal sense; this is a much more poetic approach to words.

Also please know that much of the writing prompts are light hearted and structured, meaning that formats will be suggested and supported by imagery which helps bypass overwhelm & fear of the blank page. 

If paying monthly you may cancel your payment at any time. In this instance, access to all features will be revoked by the end of your current billing cycle. If you have paid annually, you may leave at any time however no refunds will be offered.

We can’t make promises about what exactly this membership will give to you, as each person’s journey is unique.

We don't believe in silver bullets or magic wands and we certainly do not subscribe to fast fixes. 

We do however, believe in the power of intention. 

Please know that this kind of work takes time and is not a linear process. This is why this programme is rooted in Celtic wisdom, because it is counter cultural in nature. 

However, if you are willing to trust yourself, have faith in a greater story and the patience to tend to it. If you show up for yourself in a way that feels authentic for you, we believe that this will not end in disappointment.

One of the core values of what we do is integrity. We can promise that what we are offering here delivers on this, and we are proud of the rich content and supportive community that is being consistently and organically cultivated in The Pilgrim’s Way.

The absolute best piece of advice we can offer you is to show up for the calls. If you do nothing else, this will keep you in the water, going with the flow. 

To best support you in doing that, we list all call dates and times in an .ics file which we advise you import into your online calendar upon registration and set reminders (we love the google calendar that syncs on all devices).

Most of all, believe in yourself. Give it a chance and if it's not for you, that's ok too; we encourage you be true to you and honour your own knowing. 

No that won't matter in regards to the content and yes you can still benefit. 

It is not required that it be winter when you are working on winter energies as we're not aligning with the seasons in a literal, meteorological sense.
Think of Celtic seasons more metaphoric in nature, a tool for teaching and for understanding seasons of change and there being a time for everything; even when that time 'doesn't fit' with how it was 'supposed to be'.
Think of a deck of cards as a full year year and each season as a 'suite'; life is the shuffle. You're working with all the cards, all the times; they're never really in order.
What you will need to consider is whether being unable to attend the live calls due to the incompatible time difference is a deal breaker for you.
All calls take place on Wednesdays alternating between 3pm & 7pm Irish time. Monthly calls are recorded, weekly live journaling sessions are not.

We're glad you asked, we certainly do! We are very proud of our pilgrim's and asked them to send us video's to speak directly to you of their experience as members of The Pilgrim's Way.

You can watch our testimonial reel here

Ancient Wisdom. Creative Tools. Brave Space.


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