Celtic Wisdom For Your Creative Soul

Monthly membership & community to journal through the Celtic year with Soul friends.

  • This is an invitation to choose your own pace over the rat race. Recover, reclaim and redefine what it means to live wholeheartedly through themed monthly contemplations rooted in the deep truths and transformative powers of art, conversation and nature.
  • This guided journey is intended to ground you in the rhythms & seasons of the Celtic Calendar and to help you trust and more consciously engage with the energies present in your life, throughout the year.

  • Embrace the specific gifts and challenges the changing seasons invite into your life. Each season will focus on a theme with related concepts, tasks and techniques to explore each month plus creative inquiry prompts, meditations and practices based on those themes.

  • Deepen awareness and understanding of your soul's yearnings; learn to listen, honour and respond to yourself through a regular journaling practice, supported by monthly live journaling sessions

  • A special feature of this journey will be the observance of the four Celtic festivals which mark the important transitions of the seasons and which we will celebrate with ceremony, ritual and personal retreats, rooted in the Celtic Wisdom tradition. 
  • As always, the Pilgrim Soul community aspect is where the best of this offering will unfold. We will gather in a private, in house membership area (not social media) specifically for Pilgrim's Way Soul Friends, ready and willing to engage with their kind, open hearted encouragement. 

  • There will over time, be a growing library of bonus resources, including video and audio supports, Spotify playlists, weekly emails and seasonal bonuses. We recommend joining us for a minimum of three months so as to complete a full season. 

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We only open registration on the Celtic festivals. Register your interest for our next opening in November 2020

Ancient Wisdom. Creative Tools. Brave Space.


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