Grounding, energising and supportive, welcome to transformational self care.

TENDER is a 6 WEEK immersion in the practice of self attendance to increase well being, reduce stress and to help you handle your life with care; without creating overwhelm and even if making time for yourself is a challenge.

Your self care practice is your rock, your anchor and your harbour in the storm.

TENDER is not a practice in a box. It’s an invitation to explore & reflect. To claim and hold space in which your soul may express it's greatest desires and intents, for you and through you. Watch the below video to see what past participants had to say about TENDER.


Next Class Begins September

Week 1 | The Tender

Content released Sunday Feb 23rd.
Group call Thurs 27th 5pm (GMT)

You will begin to orientate yourself and prepare for practice. We will explore barriers and solutions, set intentions and manage expectations.

You will envision your role as the TENDER, create an inspirational talisman and mantra. 

This will begin your transformational journey of SELF ATTENDANCE.


Week 2 | The Pilgrim

Content released Sunday March 1st.
Group call Thurs March 5th 5pm (GMT)

You will engage in a practice of remembering yourself, discovering and creating opportunities in which to experience JOY. We will explore the concepts of resonance and dissonance.

This week will nurture your sense of aliveness. 

Week 3 | The Prophet

Content released Sunday March 8th.
Group call Thurs March 12th 5pm (GMT)

You will explore the language of your DREAMS and how they might be trying to guide you.

We will explore the concept of emergence and will LEAP into the courage to name our dreams, hopes, needs and possibilities, for living in alignment with our highest values.


Week 4 | The Guts

Content released Sunday March 15th.
Group call Thurs March 19th 5pm (GMT)

Trusting your ability to self lead and judge well. This week, you will be introduced to the art of discernment. 

You will learn a process through with to consult with your inbuilt navigation system and visionary wisdom, leading to an intentional act of your own choosing. 

Week 5 | The Grace

Content released Sunday March 22nd.
Group call Thurs March 26th 5pm

This week is about celebration and abundance. You will learn to notice and cultivate an appreciation of all that conspires and aligns in your favour. 

This week, we will invoke the wisdom and the wonder of nature and the potent power of place as a grounding force for your highest good. 

You will explore the art of ritual and ceremony as ways of honouring your soul's journey and experience of life. 

Week 6 | The Circle

Content released Sunday March 29th.
Group call Thurs March 2nd April 5pm 

Rest. Release. Renew.

As we approach the closing of our circle, you will explore the concepts of wholeness, connection and community. 

You will reflect on the importance of the pause and will be invited to create for yourself, the experience of retreat. 




"Before tender I was on a continual search for 'the answer'. I bought every book, did every course that promised any or all of these things. Tender unearthed revelation upon revelation for me –it was only through listening to my whole self through the Tender process that I could begin to heal."

Rachel Wade
Tender Participant

"Before Tender I struggled deeply with the anxiety and overwhelm. I struggled to express myself verbally, emotionally and creatively. Throughout the Tender course, I gained tools that have inexplicably changed how I interact with myself and those I care about. The support and guidance I received during Tender, from Amanda and our group allowed me to view my perspectives in a soft, safe place - without judgement. My relationship with myself has changed dramatically over the last six weeks. I’m less anxious and overwhelmed. When those feelings do surface, I now have the tools I need to help myself cope."

Shawnnita Fairbairn
Tender Participant

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Next Class Begins September 2020.


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