Grounding, wholehearted and supportive, welcome to transformational self attending.

What if you could stop fighting with yourself and be a true friend instead? Join us and step into a BRAVE new conversation with your Life.

Living half heartedly isn't who you are.

  • Are you tired of trying to 'fix' yourself and need support but you’re not sure where to turn?
  • Do you long to stop the repetitive and exhausting cycle of over thinking, so that you may feel grounded, sane and relaxed instead?
  • Do you struggle to be anything but hard on yourself and you actually don't know how to stop?
  • Do you crave a more dignified way to spend your time than numbing out with behaviours that hurt and only add to your distress?
  • How would it feel to stop second guessing yourself and connect instead to an inner knowing you can trust?
  •  What if radical, wholehearted self acceptance, inner peace and happiness was your birthright? What would be possible then?

TENDER is a potent 6 WEEK immersion in the practice of self compassion, kindness and care so you can stop berating, start befriending and allowing yourself the enjoyment, contentment and ease you deserve in life.


Next Class Begins Friday June 5th

Week 1 | The Tender

Group call Thurs 4th June 5pm (Irish Standard Time)

You will begin to orientate yourself and prepare for practice. You will set your intention and create an inspirational mantra to guide you on your way. 

You will envision your role as the TENDER and begin cultivating an inner hospitality for yourself. 

This will begin your transformational journey of SELF ATTENDING.


Week 2 | The Pilgrim

Group call Thurs 11th June 5pm (IST)

You will engage in a practice of remembering yourself and clarifying who you are NOT. We will explore the concepts of truth and kindness.

This week will unearth and transform stories that keep you stuck. 

Week 3 | The Path

Group call Thurs 18th June 5pm (IST)

This week, you will get clear about the crossroads you are facing.

You will cultivate the courage to move in the direction of wholehearted living and allow your path to be made by walking. 

Week 4 | The Guts

Group call Thurs 25th June 5pm (IST)

Trusting your ability to self lead and judge well. This week, you will be introduced to the art of discernment. 

You will learn a process through with to consult with your inbuilt navigation system and visionary wisdom. You will learn to listen deeply to how your life is speaking to you and ways you might respond. 

Week 5 | The Grace

Group call Thurs July 2nd 5pm (IST)

This week is about finding comfort in the discomfort and embracing the unknown.  

This week is about allowing yourself to be an eternal student and the GRACE of begining again. 

You will embrace your holy imperfection and very human tendency to struggle, stumble and fall.

You will make a plan for getting back up again.  

Week 6 | The Circle

Group call Thurs 9th July 5pm (IST)

Reflect. Release. Renew.

As you approach the closing of our circle, you will explore the concept of completeness and reflect on your experience of being transformed.

You will celebrate your renewed vision and honour your work by becoming a living witness to what's possible when we become our own healing force in the world. 

How It Works


Each week you will receive creative assignments and rituals, including inquiry, visualisations & art journaling to enhance your learning. No art experience is necessary, Amanda will teach you what you need to know to get started. 


Step into community with one of this experiences greatest assets, your fellow pilgrims. PLUS, we have a dedicated in house membership forum, which you can access via app, making it convenient & EASY to commit & show up with consistency. 


Weekly group coaching calls with Amanda to support you on your journey, or as one student put it: "It’s like being with a friend who hears what you have to say and asks amazing questions, taking you to places you didn’t even know existed." 




"Before tender I was on a continual search for 'the answer'. I bought every book, did every course that promised any or all of these things. Tender unearthed revelation upon revelation for me –it was only through listening to my whole self through the Tender process that I could begin to heal."

Rachel Wade
Tender Participant

"Before Tender I struggled deeply with the anxiety and overwhelm. I struggled to express myself verbally, emotionally and creatively. Throughout the Tender course, I gained tools that have inexplicably changed how I interact with myself and those I care about. The support and guidance I received during Tender, from Amanda and our group allowed me to view my perspectives in a soft, safe place - without judgement. My relationship with myself has changed dramatically over the last six weeks. I’m less anxious and overwhelmed. When those feelings do surface, I now have the tools I need to help myself cope."

Shawnnita Fairbairn
Tender Participant

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