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Stepping Into Co Creation With The Life You Would Love

Recently, I was being lulled to sleep by the rain at my window and in that mid state, I became aware of some words that landed on me with the lightness of a butterfly. 

My first inclination was to disregard them in favour of the state into which I was melting. After all, I hadn’t been consciously looking for words that day. 

So I ignored my poetic butterfly, but it wasn’t going anywhere. 

Instead it lingered, flapping its wings and scalding me out of my semi conscious state until got up and wrote the words down.

The next morning, I awoke to find my notebook open on the bedside locker and the sentence written down inside the cover.

"The door for me is opened,

the question of the way is kind.

Trust the open door."

I was amused by it’s cryptic nature though its meaning wasn’t immediately apparent to me. Later that day as I was pottering about my studio, I realised I had been doodling door like structures all week. How interesting. There...

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