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5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Journal

What makes for a positive journaling experience? Most people would connect this to outcome. That having 'good art' to show for it, makes for enjoyable time making it.

Not in my experience. 

So you've decided to start journaling and you're really determined. You see how much joy and meaning it gives to others. You see how they fall in love with their practice, the depth of joy and self connection it adds to their lives and you want in. 

You go out, buy yourself a gorgeous journal, you treat yourself, it's something special.

And then you find yourself sitting in front of blank pages, looking for inspiration for god knows how long, then you come to the end of your time and walk away discouraged, with nothing to show for it. 

You tell yourself you can't do this, you're just not creative enough, as you try to suppress the disappointment and envy bubbling up inside. 

Some people might try to combat this with a 'try harder' approach. ie, they will keep...

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