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Stuck At Home? Try this: 10 Creative Exploration Activities For The Whole Family.

Are you stuck at home with loads of time on your hands and maybe children in the house and no idea what to do with them?

Well here are some ideas for you to get creative, play, connect and have a good time together. 

These are meaningful activities that foster connection, communication and understanding and can really help you spend quality time with your loved ones, in a fun and explorative way. 

You never know what you'll discover so please let us know in the comments, how this goes for you. 

1. Follow The leader

You will need pens, pencils and one sheet of paper per game.
This will work with 2 or more participants.

Nominate one person as the leader and the rest as followers. 

Everybody sets their pen or pencil down together on the same spot on the page. The leader then sets off, setting the course and the pace, while the followers moving their pencils along with them, try to keep up.

Swap roles until everyone has had a chance to be both a...

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