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How I’m Celebrating ‘Blue Monday’ With 6 Steps to Grace.

Uncategorized Jun 10, 2019

Dear Pilgrim,

I’m choosing to celebrate ‘Blue Monday’, by releasing three things:

    The colour blue from it’s stigma as a drain.

    Monday, as the toilet that flushes us down.

    January as a sewer like month to be endured.

Welcome to my box of emotional crayons, pilgrim. All colours are welcome here. And as an ‘emotional tax’ dodging crayon, I propose a revolution. How about we stop demonising our pal Blue and depression and all things that represent a kind of doom sold to us as fate.

I am celebrating Blue Monday by not believing the way I am told I and ‘the world’ will feel on this day. I’m not buying into it.
The emperor is naked. This crowd is deluded and I. Am. Outta here.

On this day, I will be celebrating not having ‘failed’ anything and specifically because I didn’t set myself up that way this time. I got a head start on this Gregorian...

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