The dates are up for our 2020 Raw workshops in Ireland and USA. To celebrate our new website, we are offering discounted rates on the first 5 bookings for each workshop!


Invest In Your Creativity. 

Little will serve you more in life,

than gifting your soul a means of expression.

"Before working with Amanda, I was on a continual search for 'the answer'. I bought every book, did every course that promised any or all of these things. Amanda helped me unearth revelation upon revelation. It was only through learning to listen to myself, that I could begin to heal."

Rachel Wade
Coaching Client

"My relationship with myself has changed dramatically over the last six weeks. I’m less anxious and overwhelmed. When those feelings do surface, I now have the tools I need to help myself cope."

Shawnnita Fairbairn
Coaching Client

"Amanda’s RAW freestyle, almost subconscious creativity and self-expression, was really challenging for me on many levels, taking me out of my comfort zone and out of control. It was a dive into my fears and vulnerability. Amanda took us for an emotional journey and confirmed belief that creative process may be deeply healing. I learned a lot. Simply amazing - and so truly beautiful."

RAW Live Workshop Student

"Amanda is honest, authentic, and generous facilitator and walks the path full heartedly every step of the way. It’s an uplifting and magical experience to be in Amanda’s presence, learn and create with her. If you ever have a chance to experience it, go for it. Worth every minute and priceless in return. Thank you."

Kamila Lukaszewicz
Alchemy Holistic Therapy

"This lady might just change the way you look at art [and self], forever"

Kate Winter

“When a well awakens in the mind, new possibilities begin to flow and you find within yourself a depth and excitement that you never knew you had"

John O Donoghue | Anam Cara


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